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Who Uses E-Cigarettes and Why?
E-cigarettes are commonly used by smokers looking for a 'healthier' alternative and people who are using them to  attempt to quit smoking. One of the biggest reasons behind people using e-cigarettes is their belief that these products are less harmful in comparison to regular cigarettes. E-cigarettes now have a global presence, and almost 25% of the global smoking population has tried an e-cigarette at least once, while in between one to eight percent are long term users. As per one survey, close to 80 percent of its respondent e-cigarette users use these products to minimize the health risks they face by smoking tobacco, and around 75 percent said they were walking this path to try and stop smoking.

Efficiency of E-Cigarettes as Smoking Cessation Products:
Although the efficiency of e-cigarettes as sustained smoking products remains to be proven what’s been established insofar is that these products can minimize withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking and can also curb one’s desire to smoke. In the real world scenario, there are smokers who have managed to reduce or quit smoking by switching over to e-cigarettes.

A number of e-cigarette users opine that they can be helpful in quitting smoking, and figures suggest that around two thirds of all e-cigarette users tend to use them in order to get through withdrawal symptoms or to quit smoking. Results of one survey carried out across North America and Europe showed that 67 percent of its participants used e-cigarettes to minimize withdrawal symptoms, 79 percent turned to them to get through cravings during attempts to quit, and 77 percent said they used them to avoid relapses or to quit smoking.

As per data from two other surveys e-cigarettes can minimize withdrawal symptoms as well as cravings. While 70 to 90 percent of the respondents said using e-cigarettes reduced their urge to smoke, 70 to 80 percent said that using e-cigarettes allowed them to get over withdrawal symptoms like inability to concentrate, mood swings, nervousness, irritability, restlessness, etc.

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