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Why do Teenage Girls Smoke? And How can You Stop Yours from Smoking?

Girls SmokingData shows that an increasing number of teenage girls in Australia are taking to smoking. In fact, data collected from a survey in Western Australia shows that while 25% boys smoke by the time they get to level 10, 27% of girls would have smoked by the same time. Data also shows that around 28% girls aged 15, smoke every week.

The reasons why teenage girls start smoking are varied. While some might do so in order to fit into a particular group where a majority of the girls are smokers; some others do it simply because they perceive it to be a cool thing to do. Some others take to smoking in order to deal with stress at school or home, and there are also many teenage girls who start smoking because they think it helps them control or lose weight.

Studies in the past have also shown that a number of young girls tend to get influenced by seeing their favourite musician, movie star, or celebrity, lighting up; thereby jumping on the smoking bandwagon.

Do know that in a majority of the cases that involve teenage girls smoking, they are either misinformed or misled.

Therefore, as the parent of a teenage girl who smokes, your first responsibility is to make her aware of all the downsides associated with smoking. This, however, should not happen in ‘sermon’ mode, or there is little chance that it will have the desired effect. Remember, if you badger her about her habit, she might just want to hide it from you.

Also know that if either you to your spouse smoke, then expecting your daughter to quit is being unrealistic. In such a situation, everybody who smokes in the house should quit, and since you would have each other for support, it can actually ease the entire process.

While making a ‘rule’ about not smoking can work, it can backfire as well. This would happen especially if you have a daughter with a rebellious bent of mind. In such a scenario, simply tell her about the perils of smoking, and let her know that you are there to support her whenever she needs it.

Remember, if you find out that your teenage daughter smokes, it really isn’t the end of the world. And instead of worrying about what others might think, your primary focus should be on helping your daughter.