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Again, while some people do offer guarantees when it comes to using hypnosis to quit smoking, the truth is it doesn’t necessarily work. Of course, there are many people who have successfully quit smoking using this method, but it simply does not work with everybody.

Using hypnosis to help you quit smoking would involve suggestions being fed to your subconscious mind; and in instances when the smoker willingly blocks out these suggestions, there is little chance of success. Also, if you cannot relax completely whilst undergoing the hypnosis session, there is a good possibility that the outcome would be failure.

This makes it important for you to choose a good hypno-therapist, and looking for one that offers a free analysis is a good idea. You should also ideally look for one that offers a guaranty, as this way you can be assured that you wouldn’t be swindled. Besides, a good hypno-therapist would start by identifying if your prospects of being hypnotized are good in the first place.



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