Information about the Effects & Risks of Smoking:

What are Some of the Warning Signs that Tell You it’s Time to Give Up Smoking?

The very fact that scores of Australians as well as people the world over die due to smoking related illnesses each year should be a big enough warning sign to tell you its time to quit smoking. But if you’re wondering what if there are warning signs that smoking if effecting your health well there are plenty of individual warning signs.

Smoking affects various organs of your body and there are different signs that tell you which organ is under fire (from the tobacco abuse, of course). If you experience any of the signs mentioned below, your body is warning you, it’s time you stop smoking now.

The Respiratory System:

Your lungs provide the Oxygen that fires your body into action. If you experience shortness of breath with little or no physical activity, that’s a pretty good sign smoking is damaging the efficiency of your lungs. This is also the case if you have difficulty breathing while undertaking no physical activity. If you suffer from chronic cough or chronic mucus production for over a couple of weeks, it could indicate that you have developed or are developing chronic lung disease. Wheezing is another sure sign, and amazingly though it is, some still need to be told that if you are also coughing up blood, not only do you need to quit smoking, but you would also need to head to a good doctor who specializes in respiratory illnesses.

The Heart and the Arteries:

Shortness of breath can also be indicative of heart disease, and in either case, you do need to stop smoking. Pain in your chest can be indicative of angina pectoris or an upcoming heart attack, and these also require you to quit smoking immediately. The affect of smoking on your arteries and blood vessels does not usually show until it’s quite late, and this is the case when it comes to conditions such as coronary artery disease, gangrene, or ulcers in the feet and legs.


If you experience difficulties in swallowing, or if you suffer from persistent hoarseness in your throat, it could be a sign of oral cancer or cancer of the larynx. If you have blood in your urine, and do not experience pain while urinating, it could indicate cancer of the bladder. In both these scenarios, your quitting smoking with immediate effect is very important.

Overall Wellness and Appearance:

Smoking can decrease your cardio capacity and your stamina, increase fatigue, affect your sense of taste and smell, and can also lead to premature skin ageing as well as hair loss, discolouration of skin, hair and teeth.