Information on How to QUIT Smoking Cigarettes:

What Should You Look For in a Hypnosis, or Self-Help Type Program?

Hypnosis Program - Quit Smoking

Anyone who has tried to quit will tell you that smoking is a habit that is quite hard to break. However, there are of course many people who have quit smoking in the past, and continue to live smoke free. Different people are known to use different techniques when it comes to quitting smoking, and different techniques or programs are known to work for different people.

Going cold turkey (no support at all) can be quite difficult, and does not have a high success rate statistically. Although their is no program or product that can give you a 100% chance of quitting, getting help in the form for a program that is designed specifically to help you quit can be a good idea.

Many methods used to quit smoking focus on reducing the chemical (nicotine) addiction and these can be broadly labeled - nicotine replacement therapies. However, using them by themselves may not successfully address the underlying behavioural issues (habits) that keep smokers addicted. To address the habit of smoking there are several options that may work effectively for you, and may work even better if used in conjunction with a nicotine replacement therapy.


The evidence that hypnosis can help you quit smoking is quite compelling. It is believed that this is essentially because hypnosis therapy helps you to deal with the psychological and emotional aspects of quitting smoking.

When it comes to using hypnosis in order to quit smoking, you have a couple of options. You could use the services of a trained hypnotherapist, or you could use a self-help type program. In either case, it would be wise to be wary about people/businesses making tall claims about their quit smoking miracles cures, because this field can have its share of unscrupulous characters.

If you choose to consult a hypnotherapist for help, make sure that you deal with a registered hypnotherapist, and also try and perhaps look for one who would offer you a free consultation to start off with. You should also look for a hypnotherapist who offers you some kind of a guarantee, as this would ensure that you do not waste your time and money.

Another popular option is a self help quit smoking hypnosis program; there are plenty to choose from. However, the plethora of options can leave you confused, and if that is the case then you should base your judgment on the user reviews that you can read online. In doing so, you have to ensure that you differentiate the ones that have been posted by real users and the ones that have been posted by the concerned business itself.

Self Help Information & Resources:

Self help for quitting smoking can also come in the form of motivational and behavioural therapies. You can find various resources in the form of books and CDs that offer motivational therapy, and there are various websites that offer motivational help as well. A good motivational program would ideally use various means to motivate you in the right direction.

You can also find websites and books that offer behavioural programs to quit smoking, and these would generally focus on your getting out of patterns that encourage you to smoke. Again, using online reviews to look for good self help programs is a good idea.

Most Governments now offer information and resources for people to help them quit smoking, check out their web site, they might even have a free call number to get a ‘quit kit’.