QUIT Smoking Product Reviews:

Medications / Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Chantix - Quit Smoking Product ReviewPerhaps the most common support product for quitting smoking is medications. They come in a variety of forms and different brands but generally they involve a course of nicotine replacement therapy where the amount of nicotine is gradually reduced. But there are side effects of medication programs you need to be aware of before....

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Hypnosis Programs

Hypnosis Programs

Does hypnosis or hypnotherapy really help to quit smoking? Its certain that battling the withdrawal symptoms, the cravings, and breaking the habit of smoking cigarettes is a mind battle and perhaps a little sub-conscious suggestions might just help.

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Electronic Smokeless Cigarettes

Electronic Smokeless Cigarettes

They are getting very popular, but are they better than smoking traditional cigarettes? are they a useful and legitimate way to quit smoking?

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Smoking can have effects on your skin and teeth. These include discolouration, premature ageing, and diminished appearance. Is it possible to reverse these effects? There are products that can help...

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