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Catherine Zeta-Jones Trying to Quit Smoking
Kirsten Dunst Hires Hypnotherapist to Quit Smoking
Vanessa Hudgens Smoking Again: Attacks Photographer
Health Hazards of Smoking Hookah
Passive Smoking Causes Psychological Disorders in Children
Birth defects linked for first time to smoking in pregnancy

2 Burned Smoking While on Oxygen
Motivational text messages help smokers quit, finds study
Adele Is On The Mend!
Careless smoking cited in house fire that caused $275,000 in damage
Chronic Pot Smoking Affects Brain Chemistry, Scans Show 
Retiree Spends $40,000 On Kooky Anti-Smoking Subway Ads
Elderly woman rescued from Lakewood fire
Gymming to quit smoking
Alex Perry pledges to quit smoking

Shane Warne caught smoking inside airport premises  
Smoking while using oxygen cause of fatal house fire
Kate Middleton Offered E-Cigarette as Royal Wedding Gift
Combating Smoking Triggers
Celebs Who Quit Smoking -- and Some Who Are Still Trying
Another Fatal Fire Linked to Smoking
Practising Yoga and Meditation
Australia unveils ugly cigarette packets
Kate Moss wants to quit smoking
Lindsay Lohan Quits Smoking
Quit Smoking – Feel Better From Day One
Couple quit smoking after 50 years
Smoking in Teenagers and Its Effects of their Health
Man dies in fire blamed on smoking
Philippine President cutting down on smoking
New York City gets public-smoking ban. Who's next?
The Effects of Smoking on Your Digestive System
New Study Links Cigarette Smoking Lou Gehrig’s Disease
Submarine crews adjust to no-smoking policy
Feeling Better after You’ve Quit Smoking

Why Mark Wahlberg Stopped Smoking Pot
Smoking habits transmit; mom to daughter, dad to son
Brain Scan can tell you if you are a Quitter
Handling Nicotine Withdrawal
Woman smoking in bed sets fire to apartment 
Can a film of a smoker trigger the act?
Nicotine Replacement Therapy
Charlotte Church to quit smoking
Butting out could win you a car in Canada
509 booked for smoking at Sunburn
Hypnosis as a Means to Quit Smoking
Careless Smoking Causes Fire
Smoking Causes Immediate Lung and DNA Damage
Dealing with Stress after Quitting Smoking

Obama Quits Smoking?
Actor Johannes Heesters quits smoking - at age 106
Second-hand smoke kills 600,000 people a year: Study
Man Goes Crazy After Asked to Stop Smoking
E-Cigarettes: The Variants
Poland bans public smoking

Smokeout event: Get a sandwich for going cold turkey
Using e-Cigarettes to Quit Smoking
Lindsay Lohan's dad sends her smokeless cigarettes
Government Subsidizes Champix in New Zealand to Help Smokers Kick the Habit
Electronic Cigarettes - Have you tried them?
Is Lindsay Lohan Going to Jail (and still smoking)?
Cheryl Cole wants to quit smoking
Smokeless Cigarettes
Mastering, 'No thanks, I have quit smoking'
The Effects of Smoking on Your Lungs
The Effects of Smoking on Your Heart
Smoking and the Brain

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