Rajiv B - Quitsmokingplace - writer and web site managerRajiv’s professional life has been a little diverse. After having studied Hospitality Management at the William Angliss Institute in Melbourne until 1999, he went back to India to work in a number of different hotels and call centres for over eight years.

He then realized that he really wasn’t particularly happy with what he was doing, and being a writer at heart, jumped headlong into the world of freelance writing.

This was in mid 2007, and since then he has written content for websites, press releases, blogs, etc. Writing about this topic, he said, was particularly close to his heart, because he is trying to give up his 16 years old smoking habit himself.

Besides working as a freelance writer, Rajiv is also writing a book which incorporates poetry and prose (tentatively titled ‘Opinions of a Clever Idiot’). The book is inspired by the times we live in, and amongst other things, tries to bring to light the frivolities that we, as a species, are immersed in.