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Is Smoking Pot Better than Cigarettes?

Smoking Pot - Health Effects
Despite the technological advancements that we have made as a species, this question still continues to raise debate among the defenders of marijuana smoking; and to some extent this is simply because this question has no conclusive answer. However, there are various facts that one should consider in looking for answers surrounding marijuana usage (also referred to as pot, weed, cannabis, hemp, reefer etc).

For starters, the damage that smoking pot can cause would primarily depend on the amount of pot that you smoke. Whereas a regular cigarette smoker may smoke up to 20 cigarettes a day (or more), a habitual pot smoker may rarely smoke that much pot. Also, while cigarettes contain a variety of chemicals apart from the tobacco, pot is generally additive free (especially if home grown).

On the other hand, while there are strict regulations that govern the cigarette industry, there are no such regulations in place when it comes to marijuana production and distribution. This does contribute to a great degree of variability in dosage of each smoke.

Smoking pot may also lead to other more direct health and safety issues as unlike cigarettes, smoking pot affects your senses to a considerable extent, resulting in you feeling ‘stoned’. In this state of mind, you could have problems while taking part in activities that require any amount of concentration. Also, over time, you may experience an increased tolerance for the ‘stoned’ effects of pot smoking and this may lead to an increase in consumption.

Another perspective lies in the claimed beneficial properties associated with marijuana usage. Smoking pot is said to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, and is also used to help patients suffering from conditions such as Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, opiate dependency, epilepsy, etc. This, of course, is in places where smoking pot is permissible by law.

So whether smoking pot is better than smoking cigarettes with tobacco can depend on how much you smoke, and perhaps why you smoke. But the key point is that smoking pot and smoking regular cigarettes both have significant health implications, and may be the equivalent of asking whether its better to be run down by a bus or a car.