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When it comes to using hypnosis or hypnotherapy to quit smoking, know that the process basically allows a personís conscious and subconscious senses to function in tandem. During this process the individualís conscious mind and body are brought to a relaxed state, while the subconscious mind remains wide alert and open to suggestion.

Suggestions made during this state work in bypassing the mindís conscious sections and focuses on the subconscious instead. So, when any new suggestion that is within the realm of the given individualís beliefs is made, the subconscious accepts this as newfound reality. This ability that can help us in reprogramming our basic reactions and attributes is present within all of us, and simply needs to be channelized appropriately. Understand that people with average intelligence levels who do not resist the process will see positive results.

A number of people, when told about the benefits of hypnosis to quit smoking, refuse going through the process simply because they feel they will not be in control on their minds any longer. This is far from the truth. This process can be compared to your watching a really engrossing movie, where you hold the power to snap out of your trance like state whenever you want to. This is why your cooperation and willingness is crucial if you want this method to work in your quitting smoking.

How Hypnosis Works:

Before we answer this, ask yourself why you smoke. There are two main reasons behind people wanting to light up. The first is because smoking is associated with pleasure as well as with relaxation. The second is because after a certain point, smoking becomes a conditioned response. In the first instance you want to light up when faced with stress, while celebrating, in order to deal with pain, etc. In the second scenario you associate various scenarios with smoking. For example, you might want to light up each time you take your dog out for a walk, when youíre drinking, etc.

Hypnosis helps you quit smoking because it addresses both these factors. When it comes to the first scenario, various NLP and hypnosis techniques work in programming the subconscious mind to eliminate the factors that trigger your cravings. With the absence of these cravings, you would not have to worry about replacing your cigarettes with food or any other thing. When it comes to addressing the conditioned response aspect, again, various NLP and hypnosis techniques come into play. Fact is that after a certain point you can even find yourself being repulsed by the very thought of smoking.

Your Options:

You have two basic options. The first is to consult a trained hypnotherapist who can help you with the process. This option can be a little expensive as you would require multiple sittings, and the hypnotherapistís proficiency also plays a key role in the outcome. Your other option is to look for a good hypnosis program that will help you through the process from the comfort of your own home. This help comes in the form of audio and audio/visual aids, and using them is quite simple. Whatís important if youíre looking online is for you to choose a program that has been rated well by former users.

While a number of people the world over have already benefitted greatly by such programs, some others continue to view this with scepticism. However, there is no disputing the fact that scores of people have quit smoking owing to the help theyíve received from different hypnosis quit smoking programs.


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