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How Much Does Smoking Cost Me?

How Much Does Smoking Cost?

The price of cigarettes is just getting beyond sense, but wait there’s more. The purchase price of the smokes is just the beginning of what you will pay.

Government’s everywhere are increasing the taxes on cigarettes in an attempt to encourage people to quit smoking, but it’s surprising that not many smokers have calculated exactly how much their smoking habit is costing them. If you have never calculated it, now is a good a time to do so.

Start by calculating how much you spend on buying your daily/weekly quota of cigarettes. The current prices of cigarettes in Australia put an average smoker’s everyday cigarette expense at around $10 per day. That makes it $300 a month. In a year, this amounts to $3,600. If you smoke for the next 20 years, you will end up spending more than $72,000 on smokes.

If you are someone who thinks that this isn’t much, well, this is only the tip of the iceberg. This is, after all, only the money that you spend on buying your smokes. Smoking simply will cost you a whole lot more.

The actual cost of medical services that a smoker bears during their lifetime will almost certainly be higher than would otherwise be the case, but may vary from smoker to smoker, and depend upon how lucky or unlucky you are. But the certainty is that smokers will typically pay an additional 5 or 10% on life and medical insurance premiums throughout their lives.

If you are someone who pays particular attention to grooming, hygiene, and appearance, then you have a whole array of expenses to look forward to. These would come in the form of dental bills (to get your teeth whitened), face creams (to battle the smoke induced premature aging), perfumes (to keep the cigarette smell at bay), air fresheners for your home and car, etc.

Take into account the money you would lose in soiled or damaged clothes that have been rendered useless because of cigarette embers that have burnt holes through them.

There is compelling evidence to suggest that smoking can effect the value of your home or car when you sell it. If you do not intend to spend money on making your car or home appear smoke free, then do expect to get offers that are lower than the existing market value.

So what’s the real financial cost of smoking? Well maybe you should add it up for yourself? The money that you spend on buying cigarettes alone is only a fraction of what smoking actually costs you. But of course the elephant in the room is that not only can it be a high financial cost, the reality is that it may cost you your life.