Helping Others to QUIT Smoking Cigarettes:

How Can You Stop a Teenager from Smoking?

Teenagers Smoking

A large number of parents in Australia (as well as everywhere else in the world) find it difficult to deal with their teenaged children’s smoking habits. This can become even more of a problem if your child intends to hide his/her habit. If you do think that your teenaged child has started smoking, it is very important that you address the issue at the very onset, because smoking can become a habit quite soon.

The first thing that you need to know is that there is little chance of your child quitting smoking if either you or your spouse smokes. A teenager learns by example, and if you want your child to stop smoking, then you have to quit smoking as well. This can actually work very well because you would have each other’s support to look forward to.

Talking to your teenaged child is also very important, and do remember that nagging will not get you anywhere. If anything, it might just make him/her want to go out and light up again. This is a point in your child’s life when he/she needs all your support, and as a parent it is your responsibility to be there for your child.

Offer your child help to quit smoking, and also educate your child about the various options that are available. If you do not have the required knowledge, you can always look for the required information online, and doing this together with your child would also give you time to bond.

It is also very important that your child knows of all the medical complications that can arise due to smoking, and if you know of family members or friends who have suffered because of smoking, do not hesitate to use their experiences as examples.

You can also help you teenaged child to quit smoking by getting him/her to join a support group; by helping him/her prepare for the oncoming withdrawal symptoms; and by ensuring that your support is unconditional.