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The Effects & Risks of Smoking

Health Effects of Smoking CigarettesDespite the efforts of Governments and Anti-smoking groups to make people aware about the perils of smoking, people continue to light up a cigarette. The health effects of smoking are serious. There are toxic chemicals present in every cigarette that you smoke.

It is not just you who is at risk because of smoking, but those around you as well. Inhaling second-hand smoke is known to be dangerous as well, and your smoking, can also expose your family and friends to the health effects of smoking.

Dangers in Smoking Cigarettes

Why is smoking cigarettes dangerous? What harm it can cause you, what you need to be looking out for, and WHY...

> What's in a Cigarette?
> Nicotine - an Overview
> Dangers of Passive Smoke
> Smokers Health Warning Signs

Health Effects of Smoking Cigarettes

Health Effects of Smoking CigarettesI am sure you have heard that smoking cigarettes has an effect on your health, but lets have a closer look at exactly what it can do...

Health Effects on the:
> Heart
> Brain,
> Lungs
> Digestive System

Potential Medical Conditions:
> Heart Disease
> Cancer
> Stroke
> Erectile Dysfunction
> Chronic Lung Disease
> Smokers Cough
> Reduced Physical Performance
> Gangrene & Ulcers
> Personal Appearance

Smoking Cigarettes also affects

Affects of Smoking CigarettesThere's even more good reasons to break the smoking habit...

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> Does Smoking Make You UGLY?
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> What You Can Do About Smokers Teeth - the Different Options
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> Smoking and Skin Damage - Can Smoking Related Skin Damage be Reversed?
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