Information on How to QUIT Smoking Cigarettes:

Dealing With the Side Effects Of Quitting Smoking

Dealing with the Side Effects of QuittingIf you intend to quit smoking, you can be certain that you would go through some side effects; the severity of which would depend upon how habituated you are. Withdrawal symptoms are part and parcel of quitting smoking, and these can include both mental as well as physical effects. Therefore, if you are trying to quit smoking, it is important that you address dealing with both physical as well as mental side effects.

If your smoking habit is longer than a couple of months, then trying to quit ‘cold turkey’ or drastically reducing your quota will almost certainly result in side effects. These could start within the first few hours of your last smoke, and would reach a peak after about 2-3 days, as this is how long it takes for nicotine to totally flush out from your system. The resultant withdrawal symptoms can then last for weeks, but they do get better with each passing day.

This makes it important that you chart out a plan of how you would deal with the resultant side effects when you do quit smoking. While most of these effects are short term, their intensity can often leave you feeling quite drained, thereby requiring you to be prepared at the very onset.

Given below are some of the common side effects that accompany efforts made to quit smoking, and also how you can overcome these effects: