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Can e-Cigarettes Help You Quit?

e-cigarette Starter KitFor people who are looking to stop smoking, there are many different ways to approach it including going cold turkey, wearing nicotine patches or chewing nicotine gum. None of these, however, help to fill the void of the actual physical habitudes that go along with cigarette smoking, and for some smokers, that’s the hardest thing to quit.

It’s easy then, to see why smoking electronic cigarettes has really taken off. For many smokers, this is a healthier way of continuing to get the nicotine hit that they enjoy, while being healthier than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. You can buy electronic cigarette starter kits for around £25, so they’re not expensive to try out, even if you decide that it’s not for you.

E-cigarettes aren’t actually smoked. Instead they are battery operated and the action of inhaling draws a dose of nicotine into the atomising chamber of the e-cigarette. There it is converted into a vapour and this is what you inhale when you ‘smoke’ an e-cigarette. They don’t contain harmful toxins like tar or carbon monoxide, and they don’t produce any smoke or ash.

Instead, e-cigarettes can occupy a smoker’s hands in the same way that a traditional cigarette would – they look and feel similar. You also get to enjoy drawing in the nicotine vapour in the same way that you would draw in tobacco smoke. For these reasons, smokers who find it impossible to quit the habit have been turning to e-cigarettes in droves.

E-cigarettes come in a number of different flavours, including cherry and menthol, and for someone who really does want to quit the nicotine habit, you can now also get e-cigarette cartridges which are nicotine free. So, in a similar way to drinking decaffeinated coffee or tea, if you ‘smoke’ e-cigarettes that are nicotine free, the only habit you’re continuing is the physical action of smoking.

If you’re really keen to quit smoking, e-cigarettes could be a step in the right direction to achieving your goal. However, electronic/smokeless cigarettes which come without the use of nicotine can still be ‘smoked’.

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