Information about the Effects & Risks of Smoking:

Skin Care for Smokers 

Smoking and skin damage

A study carried out at the University of Michigan demonstrated that there is a direct link between smoking and the appearance of wrinkles on the upper arm. This goes to prove what has long been propagated - that smoking has an adverse effect on more than just the skin on your face. As a result, smokers have to pay more attention to their skin as opposed to their non-smoking counterparts.

One of the best things you can do for your skin is to quit smoking. What if, you say, this is not an option? Well, there are other things you can do to help minimize or combat the effects of smoking on skin, and here’s your guide to the same.  

Exercise and Diet:

If you feel you cannot quit smoking, it is imperative that you take proactive action when it comes to skin care, and this has to begin with your exercising and paying attention to what you eat/drink. Exercising helps increase the flow of blood, and thereby helps in nourishing skin cells. In addition, there are specific facial exercises which help tone your facial skin. Your diet should include foods from all basic food groups, and you should ensure getting enough Vitamins A & C along with a healthy supply of antioxidants. Plenty of water is also recommended.

Keeping it Simple:

If you are looking at simple ways to serve as treatment for skin damage, take heart in knowing that there’s a lot you can do. Here are some pointers which can help you with smoking and skin damage that comes as part of the habit.

·  Exfoliate you skin as often as required using natural scrubs (everyday to at least once a week).

·  If you have dry skin, use a suitable moisturizer on a day to day basis.

·  Use a moisturising cleanser before you go to bed each night.

·  Follow this up with using a good skin-toner.

·  Apply a face mask at least once a week.

·  Whilst out in the sun, use sunscreen.

·  Pamper yourself with the occasional facial and/or face massage.

Lactic Acid Peels:

Lactic acid peels have gained a fair amount of popularity in the recent past, and they essentially work by exfoliating the skin’s damaged or thickened exterior layers. Lactic acid also penetrates within the skin and aids in the formation of collagen and the production of new skin cells. Apart from working in treating conditions like acne and sun damage, lactic acid peels also help in decreasing the fine lines and wrinkles often attributed to smoking.


While Botox does find a number of takers when it comes to reducing fine lines and wrinkles, there are many people who still view this option with scepticism. Quite safe when handled by an expert, this method can also be used to effectively get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles which can be attributed to smoking and premature aging.

Again, if you are truly worried about smoking and skin damage, know that your best bet is to quit smoking. And if that’s an uphill battle for now, you can start by exercising, eating right, and following the aforementioned basic preventative measures.